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"XHnotion - pneumatic components supplier"
pneumatic fittings, air hose, solenoid valve, air cylinder, FRL, air blow gun, silencer, quick coupling, air valve

"A&A Hydraulic Repair Company"

offers replacement parts and service.<li>

"A+ Construction"

Experts in conveyor belt installation, precision laser alignment,millwrights, production lines, and materials handling systems.

"A-T Controls, Inc."

manufacturing pneumatic, electric and hydraulic actuators.

"ACTe GmbH Advanced Cargo Handling Systems"

Information about automated loading \nsystems and air cargo handling systems. We are able to provide innovative turn-key installations worldwide.

"Advanced Fluid Controls"

designs and manufactures valves, proportionals, solenoids, 2-ways, vacuum venturi, suction cups, vacuum switches, pressure switches, and fluidic devices.

"Advanced Industrial Design, Inc."

Suppliers of pneumatic and mechanical powder bulk handling systems, bag loading and unloading, storage, dust collection, sifting, iris valves,blower packages, installation.

"Advanced Technology Products"

develops hoses, tubing, and pneumatic accessories for assembly and automation applications.

"Aero Industrial Tools"

We sell a full line of riveters and pneumatic tools for the aerospace and sheet metal indstries. We carry Huck, Cherry, Dotco, US Industrial, and Aro.

"Air Mac Inc."

provides industrial compressed air equipment and associated products to a worldwide market.

"Air Muscle Page 1"

Tutorial on the use and function of air muscle.

"Air Power Products Limited (APPL)"

compressed air specialists.

"Air Relief, Inc."

source of parts and service for CENTAC air compressors.

"Air Technologies"

provides system design, performance recommendations, specifications analysis, installation, monitoring, and service for air and gas compressor systems.

"Air-Dro Cylinders, Inc."

produces hydraulic, pneumatic, mill duty, industrial welded, and specialty actuators; linear actuator sensing and feedback systems; and pressure intensifiers and tanks.<li>

"Air-Oil Systems, Inc."

offering pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical controls and actuators, and related services.<li>

"Aircast, Inc."

products provide functional pneumatic support for orthopedic injuries.


sells industrial air compressor systems.

"Al Xander Company"

Stocking distributor for hydraulic and pneumatic components..

"Alcav Trade"

suppliers of a large range of pneumatic nailers, staplers, bradders and industrial fasteners.

"All Valves"

designs and manufactures a broad line of low and high pressure valves, relief valves, and strainers.

"American Compressor Company"

sales, service and special applications of industrial air and gas compressors and blowers.

"American Gator Tool"

manufactures and sells pneumatic air tools, portable tappers, and blades and abrasives.

"American Rescue Technology"

hydraulic rescue equipment, air bags, pneumatic tools, everything needed for vehicle rescue.

"AMOT Controls"

builds mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, electric, and electronic control components.

"Anderson Greenwood"

manufacturer of pressure relief valves, tank blanketing products, and instrumentation valves and manifolds.

"Anest Iwata Corporation"

manufacturer of oilfree scroll air compressors, rotary and reciprocating air compressors, spray painting equipment and oilfree scroll vacuum pumps.

"Antech UK Hydraulic"

distributor of hydraulic motors, oil filtration systems and cylinders; also sells cranes, winches and power packs.<li>

"Apach Industrial Co., Ltd."

manufacturer of pneumatic nailers and staplers.

"Armco Compressor Products"

manufacturer, designer, and wholesaler of compressor replacement parts.

"Armstrong International"

specializes in steam traps, pressure valves, condensate pumps, humidifiers, and transfer coils.

"Arnel Compressor Company"

supplier of vacuum pumps, dryers, oil/water separators, dehydrators, and pnuematic equipment.

"ARTX, Ltd."

offers compressed air productivity tools, vortex tubes, air amplifiers, and more.

"Ascent Trading Co., Ltd."

manufacturer and exporter of concrete nailers, staple guns, pneumatic nailer, and other air tools.

"Asco Pneumatic"

manufacturer of pneumatic components.

"ASKA Corporation"

special valve manufacturer.

"Assembly Supplies Co."

sales and service of Leister hot air tools.

"Assured Automation"

automated valve for utility service applications; water, oil, gas and other non-corrosive media.

"Atlas Copco Compressors, Inc."

supplier of industrial and portable compressor equipment.

"Automated Building Controls, Inc."

Design and installation of Energy Management Systems, DDC Controls, Pneumatic & Electronic Controls, Variable Speed Drives, and electronic boiler controls.

"Automatic Switch Company (ASCO)"

manufactures valves, pneumatics, and controls.

"Aztec Bolting Services, Inc."

providing hydraulic tools and technicians. Includes hydraulic and torque wrenches, bolt tensioners, and stud removal tools for all bolting and flange connections.<li>

"Benz Engineering, Inc."

air compressors, vacuum pumps, dryers, filters, air receivers, parts, service, rentals and lubricants.

"Berendsen Fluid Power"

hydraulics and pneumatics supplier. Distributors and training across the United States and Canada, as well as an online catalogue.<li>


manufacturer of pneumatic and hydraulic valve actuators.


engineers and manufactures sand blasting equipment including basting cabinets, shot peening and automated blast equipment, and abrasive blast rooms.


features air and torque tools and accessories.

"Bob's Tools Online Tool Catalog"

Tool Catalog offering tools from American Tool, Chicago Pneumatic, David White Levels, Ingersoll Rand, Iowa Manufacturing Sawhorses, Jet Air Tools

"Brass Products Division"

manufacturing of brass fittings and valves.

"Bryant Air & Hydraulic, Inc."

utility equipment sales and service center.

"Budget Air Compressors"

sells and services new and reconditioned compressors. Also exports compressors and parts to the Caribbean and Latin America.

"Campbell Engineering"

designs electromechanical, pneumatic, and hydraulic hardware.

"Carbo-Bond Inc."

provides pneumatic and electric actuators, ball and butterfly valves, limit switches, positioners, gear operators, solenoids, and mounting kits for the valve automation industry.

"Carling Air Compressor"

offers compressors and compressed air accessories for manufacturing industries.

"Century Instrument Company"

offers process control instrumentation, temperature and pressure valves, and pneumatic valve actuators.

"Century Valve and Machine"

instrumentation needle, gauge and manifold valves and CM Brand thermowells.

"CePe System"

sandblasting equipment.

"Chameleon Transportation Systems, Inc."

makes specialized trucks, including pneumatic tankers.

"Chanto Co Ltd."

manufactures pneumatic automation components including cylinders, solenoid valves, air press robost, grippers, and actuators.

"Chicago Pneumatic Tool Company"

on-line catalog of tools, parts, and accessories.

"Chille Valve, The"

manufactures valves for air compressors.

"Cleveland Motion Controls, Inc."

manufactures AC and DC drives, Web tensioning products, flame cutting controllers and systems, and servo motors.<li>

"Cleveland Steel Tool"

or over 90 years, the professionals at The Cleveland Steel Tool Company have dedicated themselves to producing high quality punches, dies, shear blades and related tooling for ironworkers and other hydraulic machines.

"Clover Tool Company"

supplier of bolting/torquing tools and equipment ranging from large hydraulic torque wrench packages to air impact wrenches,<li>

"Clow Canada"

manufacturer of gate, butterfly, pressure relief, and other valves, fire hydrants, ULC-FM, and piping accessories.

"Coastal Instruments"

cleans, repairs, calibrates, and rebuilds all manufacturers' mass flow controllers. NIST Traceable.

"Cochrane Compressor Co., Inc."

distributor of compressed air and vacuum equipment.


making compressed air and air treatment equipment.

"CompAir Canada"

manufacturer of air compressors.

"Component Manufacturing and Design"

manufacturer of non-return valves, barrel end caps, nozzles, and mold clamps to the injection molding industry.

"Compressor World, Inc."

seller of air compressors and accessories.

"Controlair, Inc."

manufacturer of precision pneumatic and electropneumatic controls.

"Cor-Val, Inc."

manufacturers of pneumatic actuator, flow control products, valves, and well-head chokes.

"Crane Co."

manufactures valves and pumps for fluid handling and gas control.

"Crow Equipment & Supply Co"

distributor of brand name air compressors.

"Cumbria Pneumatics"

supplier of pneumatics, hydraulics, and power transmission products and services.

"Cyclone Blasting Systems"

finishing equipment and supplies.


manufacturer of nitrogen gas springs and air cylinders.

"Daltec Industries"

providing industrial fans and blowers to customers throughout the world.


pneumatic hammers, nailers, glazers, and more.

"Davis Controls Limited"

distributor of process instruments and automation controls in Canada. Also manufacturer of liquid level gauges.

"Delta/Ducon Pneumatic Systems & Equipment"

heavy duty pneumatic (air) conveying systems & equipment.


manufacturer of compressed air refrigerated dryers, desiccant dryers, coalescing filters, particulate filters, vapor filters, breathing air purifiers, oil-water separators, and drain valves.

"Dev-Air Corporation"

distributor of hydraulic and pneumatic equipment.

"Dewalt Tools,Dewalt Accessories"

Dewalt, dewalt tools, Dewalt Accessories, Dewalt Parts, Milwaukee, Makita, Hitachi, Ridgid, 3-M , General Tool & Repair,Inc. Tool ,Accessories

"Dickinson Equipment Co."

suppliers of a range of air tools. Services include turn-key installation, system design and equipment training. Mulitple locations in the northwest U.S.

"Duo-Fast Corporation"

manufacturer of nailers, staplers, and fasteners.

"Dynamatic Technologies"

Producer of sophisticated castings for hydraulic, aerospace, & automotive applications

"Dynamic Air Inc."

specializes in pneumatic conveying of dry bulk solids for the processing industries.

"DynaTorque, Inc."

manufacturer of manual gear operators, valve actuators, gear actuators, handwheels and pneumatic actuator manual gear overrides.

"Eagle Compressors"

compressor and process systems for air and gas. Specialists in compressed breathing air systems for firefighters, industrial workers, and SCUBA divers.

"Eagle Pneumatic, Inc."

manufacturer and designer of pnuematic tube dispatch systems.

"Elect Air"

distributor of a range of pneumatic components to industrial customers located in California, Nevada, and Arizona.

"Evansproducts, Inc."

specializing in soda blasting systems.

"Exair Corporation"

manufactures a wide variety of compressed air operated products for cooling, cleaning, static elimination and blowoff.

"Fabco-Air, Inc"

manufacturer of pneumatic cylinders, control valves, grippers, and linear slides. Site contains product and distributor information, and downloadable CAD files.

"Fabricating Machinery Corp."

machinery for the metal stamping and sheet metal fabricating trade. We \nbuy and sell used machinery and facilitate plant liquidations.

"Faucher Organ Company, Inc."

manufacturer of mechanical, electro-pneumatic and electric-actioned organs. Also provides MIDI compatability for new and rebuilt instruments


supplier of pneumatic and electronic components and controls for industrial automation.

"Finishing Equipment Co., Inc."

sand blasting equip, abrasives, dust collection and fume control, vibratory equip, medias, safety equip. enginneering services, bead blasting equipment.

"Fisher Controls International, Inc."

process control valves, digital valve controllers, pressure regulators and field automation systems.

"Florida Pneumatic"

manufacturer, importer, and distributor of air tools.

"Flow Design Inc."

manufacturer of automatic flow control valves for the HVAC industry.

"Fluid Component Services, Inc."

hydraulic engineering and design for custom built power units.<li>

"Fluid Power Educational Foundation"

providing scholarships and supporting pneumatic and hydraulic programs as part of an overall technology education at high school and college levels.

"Fox Valve"

manufacturer of venturi products including steam jet ejectors, eductors and flow control devices.

"Frontier Valve International Ltd."

products include custom manufactured valves of all types, built to specification.

"Gad-Jets, Inc."

manufacturer of scraper rings which keep dirt out of hydraulic, pneumatic, and mechanical equipment.

"Gemini Valve"

manufacturers of 1/4" - 2" ball valves and pneumatic actuators. Valves are available in one, two and three piece style. actuators available as double acting or spring return (to open or close).

"Gems Sensors"

liquid level sensors, flow sensors, and pressure sensors.


producer of water and wastewater products including cleanout, couplings, box risers, sewer pipe saddles, and valve stems.

"General Pneumatic Tools"

offers pneumatic riveters, replacement parts, and tooling for rivets and special fasteners.


trading as Bewhay Vacuum & Technical, Ltd. Distributor of vacuum pressure products and systems for laboratory, medical and industrial users.

"Gison Machinery Co., Ltd."

manufactures air tools, ratchet wrenches, screw drivers, drills, die grinders, sanders, and polishers.

"Glacier Cross, Inc."

makers of pronex, pneumatic traction device for the relief of chronic cervical pain.

"Globe Benelux"

airmotors for every application. Sells, designs and produces airdriven testpumps.

"GMA Garnet"

supplier industrial garnet products for use in abrasive blast cleaning, sandblasting, waterjet cutting and water filtration media.

"GO, Inc."

supplier of standardized and specialty fluid control components, including pressure regulators, relief valves, and filters.

"Grand Northern Products"

distributors for abrasive media, equipment, and services.

"Great Lakes Hydraulics"

supplying hydraulic torque wrenches, tensioners, multipliers, pumps, impact sockets, hydraulic nuts, and anything related to bolted connections.<li>

"Gulf Coast Air & Hydraulics, Co. Inc."

full line distributor specializing in air and hydraulic sales, service, fabrication, and installation for the industrial and marine industry.<li>

"Hankison UK"

manufactures and exports compressed air dryers and filters.

"Hapco Inc."

an authorized USA Leister hot air tools sales and service center.

"Hartfiel Company, The"

distributes pneumatic and electric automation components and offers air valves, cylinders, air indexing tables, and slides.

"Howden Airdynamics"

maker of mechanical and electrical drive fans used in combat vehicles. Also makes reciprocating compressors used in high pressure pneumatic systems aboard aircraft, missiles, and ships.

"Hydraulic and Pnuematic Distributor"

Manufacturers of sophisticated drive and motion control systems using Rexroth, Hydac, Schroeder and Mitsubishi. Full service, diagnostic,fluid cleaning and installation capabilities.

"Hydraulic Repair and Design"

full service hydraulic repair facility.<li>

"Hydro-Line, Inc."

manufacturer of hydraulic, pneumatic, and custom actuators; linear actuator sensing and feedback systems; and pressure intensifiers and tanks.<li>

"Illinois Pneumatics"

designs and manufactures pneumatic cylinders. Modifies standard cylinders for special use.

"Impact RM"

compressed air management, air leak management, compressor calibrations, air audits, seminars, CD-ROM technology filtration, dryers, energy conservation, valves, actuators, separators.

"Independent Components Corp."

aftermarket manufacturer and distributor of replacement parts for industrial air compressors.

"Industrial Valves"

manufacturer of high pressure steam & nuclear valves.

"Ingersoll-Rand Air Compressor Group"

manufactures air compressors and system components.

"Innerspace Research"

offers parts for new or old high pressure compressors, oils for breathing compressors, and filter chambers and cartridges for breathing systems.

"Instrumentation Limited"

manufacturers and exporters of control, butterfly, and safety relief valves, as well as power cylinders and actuators.


distributor of pneumatic, mechanical, and hydraulic jacks and tools.<li>

"John Henry Foster Co."

distributes hydraulic and pneumatic parts and equipment.<li>

"Jordan Valve"

manufacturer of industrial control valves, pressure regulators, temperature regulators and steam traps and instrument valves.

"Kehm Equipment, Inc."

distributor of compressed air and air blast systems, compressors, and compressed air products.

"Kentucky Hydra-Power, Inc"

supplier of hydraulic, pneumatic, and mechanical drive systems.

"Kinetic Ltd."

offers mechanical transmision parts, hydraulic systems, pneumatic systems, burning systems, and electro-pneumatic control parts.

"Kuen Chi Precision Industrial Co."

manufacturer of electronic accessories and pneumatic tools.

"Kwang Jin Heavy Industrial Co., Ltd."

double acting hydraulic impact hammers ranging from 3 to 20 tons of ram weight.

"L.A. Fasteners Home Page"

National supplier of industrial and transportational products:HUCK, CHICAGO PNEUMATIC, POP, AEROQUIP, CAMCAR/TEXTRON, LITTLEFUSE, INFASCO

"Lake Buchanan Industries"

offering the Barrel Blaster for use on auto and motorcycle parts. Operates with any common abrasive blast media on the market.

"Leavelle Carriers"

sales and service of pneumatic tube carriers for drive-up banking and hospitals.

"Lynch Fluid Controls"

seller of hydraulic flow controls, electrical connectors and custom manufacture custom hydraulic manifolds.

"MAC Valves"

We produce small 3 way, large 3 way, small 4 way, large 4 way, and proportional air controlled valves.

"Manus Abrasive Systems, Inc."

supplies abrasive blasting equipment.

"Mattei Compressors UK"

rotary vane compressors, dryers, filters.

"MECSHOT Blasting Equipments"

manufacturers of thermal spraying equipment and powder, abrasive blasting machines, and more.

"Michigan Pneumatic Tool, Inc."

Michigan Pneumatic is one of the worlds leading manufacturers of air tools.

"Midland Pneumatic"

manufactures pneumatic fluid power equipment, including valves, cylinders, filter regulators, and ancillary items.</ul>

"Mil-Aer/Cambri Fluid Power Inc"

manufacturer of Industrial, Aerospace, Manufacturing and OEM hydraulic and pneumatic hose fittings and assemblies.

"Ming Hui Plastic Hardware Factory"

manufactures pneumatic nail setters, plastic molds, and PVC products.

"MODCO Pneumatic Conveying Systems"

Pneumatic Conveying Systems, Bulk Materials Handling

"Monnier, Inc."

products include airline filters, regulators, lubricators, and accessories for compressed air systems.

"Mottley Air Power"

distributor of air compressors for Ingersoll-Rand.

"NGT Valves"

specializes in designing and building pneumatic products for smaller production runs.

"Norgren International"

pneumatic products include actuators, valves, air line equipment, fittings and tubing, vacuums, and accessories.

"North East Machining and Tool Corporation"

offers electromagnetic valves for pneumatics, hydraulics, and a variety of fluids.

"North West Compressed Air Co Ltd"

air compressor sales service hire spares.


manufacturer of bulk solids material handling equipment, pneumatic conveying, bulk truck delivery, process equipment, heat exchangers, and more.

"Numatics, Inc."

manufactures pneumatic valves for automated machinery.

"Ohio Industrial Pneumatic Repair"

services all makes and models of air tools, and distributes Sky Climber hoists, platforms, rigging, and accessories.

"OIC Valve"

manufacturer of gate, globe, and swing check valves in various alloys.

"P&F Industries, Inc. Home Page"

manufacture baseboard heating equipment, pneumatic hand tools, pipe cutting and threading tools, and related hardware.

"Parker Agros"

distributors of pneumatics, hydraulic pumps, power packs, spare parts, and high speed fluid power technology machine tools.<li>

"Parts Service International, Inc."

supplier of air compressor replacement products, separators, filters, lubricants, coolants, microfilters, desiccants, adsorbants and dryers.

"PBS Marketing Group"

distributes abrasives, carbide and HSS cutting tools, polishers, and more.

"Peabody and Associates"

sandblasting and industrial painting specialists.

"Pedro Roquet"

Spanish company manufactures hydraulic gear pumps, valves, cylinders and gate operators. In English and Spanish.


pneumatic tube system sales, service and installation.

"Pneumadyne, Inc"

manufacturer of miniature pneumatic directional valves, air jets, tubing, fittings, timers, needle vavles, flow control valves, shuttle valves, regulators and manifolds.

"Pneumatic Parts"

supplier of pneumatic components.

"Pneumatic Scale"

A leading producer of fillers, cappers, can seamers, bottle washers and pasteurizers; serves beverage, food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical

"Pneumatic Tool Services"

PTS is a specialist pneumatics company supplying compressed air tools, spares and accessories to retailers and end users throughout the United Kingdom as well as exporting worldwide.

"Pneumatic Tube Carrier Repair-Parts"

manufacturers of pneumatic tube systems, components of systems, as well as repair and replacement of carriers.

"Pneumatic Tube Products Co"

manufactures, installs and maintains pneumatic tube transport systems.

"Pneumequip Inc."

sells and services compressed air equipment including pneumatic, hydraulic, HVAC, and more.


air compressors with single stage, rotary vane technology, and oil injection.

"Poppers-Systems B.V."

wholesaler of industrial fastening systems and distributor in Holland for SENCO pneumatic staplers and nailers.

"Powerr Tech, Inc."

sale and repair of hydraulic and pneumatic machine components.

"Precision Pneumatics"

manufactures pneuamtic linear slides, actuators, thrusters, industrial robotics, and more.

"Process Control Corporation"

manufactures auxiliary equipment for the plastics processing industry including gravimetric blenders, extrusion control, and pneumatic conveying and film scrap recycling systems.

"PSI Industries, Inc."

supplier to the fluid power automation industry, designing air and hydraulic systems to your requirements.<li>

"Pulsepower Process Equipment Limited"

pnuematic industrial vibrators supplied worldwide.

"Puma Industrial Co., Ltd."

manufactures air compressors, pneumatic tools and air powered equipment.

"Pye-Barker Supply Co."

distributor of rotary screw and piston air compressors and related pneumatic accessories. Outlets in Albany, Atlanta, and Savannah, Georgia.

"Quantum Industries, Inc."

pneumatic tube systems and selective vertical conveyors.


provides products and systems which induce and/or force air and airborne materials from one location to one or more other locations.

"Rechi Precision Co., Ltd."

manufactures compressors.

"RIX Industries"

manufacturers of reciprocating compressors for industrial gases and air, both custom and production.

"Robin Machinery Hardware Sdn Bhd"

specializes in hydraulic tools, air compressors, and woodworking machinery.

"Rogers Machinery Company, Inc."

offering the Kobelco KNW Series oil-free rotary screw air compressor.

"Ross Controls"

manufactures pneumatic controls, valves, and supplies.

"Rotary Compressor Company, Inc."

distributor of compressors and compressor related products.

"Sablage au Jet/Thermofini 2000"

sandblast and paint for commercial and industrial use; sablage au jet et peinture pour usager industriel et commercial.


switches, motors and electronic controllers.

"Sandmasters Equipment & Machinery, Inc."

distributes abrasives and sandblasting equipment, parts, and supplies. Serving the southeastern United States.

"Scano Industrial Corp."

Established in 1981,good a designing & producing industrial fluid power, and automative air tool accessories & air line controls.

"Schroeder Industries"

Fluid Power Division designs, manufactures, and markets filters and elements for both hydraulic and lubrication systems, and diagnostic products to monitor the performance of those systems.

"Silvent Inc."

maker of blowing nozzles, safety air nozzles, blowing guns, and valve silencers.

"Simchoni Automation Systems"

manufacturers of equipment for plastic materials handling: pneumatic conveying, metering,dosing and blending; plant-floor management software for the plastics industry.

"Simonds, Inc."

offers a variety of pneumatic hand tools.

"Smith Instrument, Inc."

instruments to measure and/or control pressure, flow, level, temperature, PH and conductivity.

"SOR Inc."

global marketer of measuring instruments, including a full line of level and pressure products for the oil and gas, chemical, petrochemical and power industry.


designs and manufactures systems for the automatic production of reinforced steel belts and fabrics for use in pneumatic rubber tires.

"Sullair Compressors and Vacuum Pumps"

Air Compressors and vacuum pumps.

"Summit Engineering Corporation"

replacement spares parts for refrigeration and air-conditioning compressors.

"Sunmatch Industrial Co., Ltd."

pneumatic tools and accessories.

"Sunny Enterprises Co., Ltd."

offers hydraulic power units, broach machines, pneumatic/hydraulic cylinders, and press & parts lubrication units.

"Superior Pneumatic Mfg."

manufactures pneumatic air tools for the welding industry.

"Taiwan hand tools Online- Directory of Taiwan hand tool, power & pneumatic too"

Database of hand tools, air & pneuamtic tools, power tools for domestic professional and industrial use.

"Taiwan Testo Ind Corp"

Manufacturer/ exporter/ supplier of pneumatic tools, mechanical parts, hardware, moldings, clamping tool, framing nailer, coil roofing nailer, brad

"Testo Industry Corp."

involved in manufacturing, processing and marketing of pneumatic tools and mechanical parts.

"Thalmayr H. GmbH"

produces pneumatic tube carriers.

"Thermal Aire Technologies"

offers hot air tools, service, and repair.

"Tridelta Industries (TDI)"

sensitive pneumatic controls & electronic systems.

"Trident Compressed Air Ltd."

compressed air equipment sales, service, rentals and parts.

"Triple Crown Products"

manufacturer of a stainless steel inline water pressure regulator.


Unique Automation Solutions offers low-pressure pneumatic control valves, ball, butterfly and diverting valves, switches and relays, air powered

"Unique Automation Solutions"

low-pressure pneumatic actuated control valves, switches and relays. Multiple configurations available. Air powered, non-electrical, patented, very efficient, and with one-year warranty.

"Universal Air Tool Company Ltd"

trade suppliers of pneumatic tools and accessories.

"Universal Compressors Inc."

produces air tools/dryers.

"Universal Ice Blast, Inc."

manufactures ice blasting equipment for industrial cleaning applications, specifically asbestos/lead paint abatement, precision cleaning, and nuclear decontamination.

"Vaccon Vacuum Products"

manufacturer of pneumatic venturi vacuum systems including vacuum pumps, material transfer devices, air amplifiers, sensors, and accessories.

"Valve Concepts, Inc."

specialty valves for use on low pressure storage or process tanks.

"Van Air Systems, Inc."

manufactures compressed air & gas treatment equipment.

"Vanair Manufacturing"

manufacturer of power-take-off (PTO) rotary screw air compressors, integral air compressors/generators, and pto driven welders.

"Vikay Mining Equipments"

manufacturers and exporters of spare parts and accessories for air compressors, mining, and quarry equipment.

"Virginia Materials"

manufacturer of sandblasting abrasives and a distributor of abrasives, equipment, and accessories for the sandblasting industry.

"VMS Blower Systems Ltd."

manufacturer of positive displacement.

"Voltair, Inc."

makers of a 12-volt, DC operated air compressor designed for use with air tools.

"Vulkan Gas Tools"

features catalytic gas solder and hot air tools

"Wm. W. Meyer and Sons, Inc."

design and manufacturing of rotary airlock/feeders, pneumatic conveying components, PD blower power packs, bulk and air process equipment.

"Woodward Compressor Sales"

supplier of air compressor parts, replacement compressor parts, pistons, oil and air filters for all industries.

"Yu Hwa Trading Co., Ltd."

supplies carbide end mills, drill bits, and produces pneumatic tools, spray guns molders, and wrenches.

"Zaytran Automation"

Specializes in pneumatic grippers that provide precision gripping in clean rooms, grinder loading, and other tough gripper environments.

"Zentraf Merziger Hochdruck-Armaturen GmbH"

high pressure valves.

"Zhejiang Tefulong Machinery Group"

manufactures PTFE butterfly, ball, and pneumatic and electronic check valves.

"Zip Pneumatics, Inc."

manufactures and installs pneumatic tube systems for the commercial and healthcare industries.

"Zo-Air Company, Inc."

solutions online for all your industrial tools, systems, and accessory requirements.

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